Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 28 - Our Next President

I had called Grant Taylor on the 4th of July and asked if we could shoot some firework sequences that evening, to use as the final visual in our music video.  I wanted the feeling of "Celebrate! Barack Obama, our next president!"  How glorious tonight, at the end of Barack Obama's nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in the Mile High Stadium, to have fireworks soaring all around the historic gathering.  Our Next President! My conviction is higher than ever that Barack Obama is the right leader for our time.

The road is not going to be easy.  All the more reason for each one of us to take a stand and do whatever we can – in our own ways – to help usher in the change that this time is asking of us.  The question never was about "is Barack ready?"  The real question has everything to do with "are we ready?  We are the change we've been waiting for!"  I have tremendous faith in the potential of our God-given humanity, and faith that we are being offered a leader who can bring forward our potential. Let's give Barack, and ourselves, what we all deserve:  the opportunity to move forward into all that we can be with strength, clarity, integrity, brilliance and – most of all – heart.   

Sharing a personal note from friends Gary Smith and Nancy Meze:
"Susan's work has a way of reaching into the heart and stirring it up. Her new music video "Choose to Unite " motivates and inspires the best in us just as her photographic work has inspired us through the years. I find myself singing the song and watching the film to tap into the joy I look for in my life. The total visual and especially peoples' faces have made a very positive imprint in mind and heart. Isn't it wonderful to see the joy in these friends expressing "unite politics" rather than the "politics as usual" look of most? Thank you, Susan, for your vision, hard work and that of "the cast of thousands" there in Santa Fe!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

August 25 - Opening Evening DNC - "Real People"

All I could feel watching the opening speeches tonight was gratitude and appreciation that the Obamas – and the people they surround themselves with – are such "real" people. (For some indescribable reason, I continue to burst into tears whenever I see either Barack or Michelle on the screen). Truly real, as in authentic, genuine, no pretenses. They are human (thank God!), feeling deep compassion and care for – and commitment to – humanity. How could we want anything other than that leading and serving our country???

Day 6 on YouTube, at 6100 views of Choose to Unite...

Sharing a YouTube Comment: "This video expresses the possibilities for the USA to get back in tune with our country's highest ideals with the leadership of Barack Obama. The lyrics bring the needed tempo of change our country needs. Our country with a new Democratic president will again realize the respect and appreciation of the world and its peoples."

Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24 - 5000 YouTube Views as of Sunday Morning Before DNC

The big crunch to get the video done – aside of course from the fact that a pivotal election is a mere two months away – was to have it on YouTube before the Democratic National Convention started.  As of this morning, we just crossed the 5000 mark of views on YouTube!  Keep on sharing!!!

Sharing a personal note from friend Diane Kennedy:  "This is an extraordinary and beautiful manifestation of your prayer for our country and specific intention to make both an immediate and lasting difference for all of us.  The video has inspired me in new ways. Congratulations!"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 23 - Lightning & Horses

Why the inclusion of the images of lightning and horses in the video?  

One of my goals was to have the video not just portray but to embody Barack Obama's energy and the values in the campaign.  One of the first ideas for images that came to me was "lightning." When I heard Barack speak in Santa Fe (February 1) it was as if I were struck by a bolt of lightning as to who he was and what his purpose is:  "The right leader for our time."  I remembered that a photographer colleague had a lightning image on his business card, and made a mental note to call him.  A few days later, I was chatting with church pastor Eva Gonzalez, who mentioned there is a figure in the Bible (Old Testament/Judges) named Barak; knowing Biblical names have translations, we looked up Barak.  There were several translations, one of which was – you guessed it – lightning!  I called Steve Walenta the next day, shared the project story, and he gave us permission to use his fabulous lightning image that we see in the video.

Horses.  Beauty, grace, power. Nobility and freedom.  Swiftness and precision in movement/action. Strong yet gentle. Deeply caring. Throughout history, horses have consistently transported humans into new realms and broader capacities - ie. giving us new range in being able to travel greater distances than we could on foot; reflecting and teaching us about who we are in invisible (emotional, spiritual) realms. Horses are bridges between worlds, a role related to Barack Obama's at this time in our history.  (An excellent article speaks of Barack as a "bridge between worlds" - see article on Links and Resources page of Sean Sauber contributed the beautiful horse clip in the video - wild mustangs who, in unity, run together with lasared strength, focus, and momentum toward their destination.

Sharing a YouTube comment:  "LOVED this creation!  Cried, laughed, got chillbumps from head to toe, and I was electrified!  Totally enthralled...with the way this incorporates ALL THE BEST of our President Obama!  GOBAMA YES, WE CAN!"

Friday, August 22, 2008

August 22 - 4000 views on YouTube

Thank you everyone for sharing... we are receiving feedback via email that people around the world are dancing to this music!  (My dream is to one day see Barack Obama dancing to his own song!)  
We crossed the mark of 4000 views on day 3 of the video on YouTube.  
Sharing a few YouTube comments:
"This is so awesome. I love the spirit of New Mexico that comes out in every second of this video.  Who could not vote for a candidate who inspires people in this way?  Great job! Great fun!"
"Yes We Can, open the door!  Let's see the light!  Love those soon-to-be-Moms rockin out! Yes We Can be the Change!"
"All I can say is, that if Obama has influenced these people to dedicate so much time and energy into making this music video, then there must be something to the guy.  Go Obama!"

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

August 21 - 2800 Views on YouTube

Two days on YouTube and the network of viewers has grown to 2800 - thanks everyone for spreading positive energy and inspiration! And we value your Comments on YouTube...
Sharing a YouTube Comment: "Thank you for the inspiration for Change - and the hard, attentive work it needs. And thanks for finding all of those beautiful New Mexicans, dancing and singing, carried along by your own inspiration. Go Obama! Go American voters!!"

August 19, 2008 - New Barack Obama Music Video Posts on YouTube

Finally, after five months of dedicated effort from a community of Santa Fe souls on fire for Barack Obama, the Choose to Unite music video posts on YouTube!  "Hey People of the USA... Choose to Unite... See the Light!"