Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 5 - Hallelujah! Our New President!

What an ocean of feelings must be washing over the country today.  When it registered that Obama had won, I had the feeling of floating down, down, down to a very safe and still place on the ocean's floor where the currents are calm – no matter how waves are churning on the surface.  I felt the depths of justness and mercy in this outcome, and the magnitude of what it means at so many levels – for individuals no matter what their race, for our country, and for the world also holding its breath for Barack's success.  

For me, I am overcome with tears of joy, relief, gratitude, awe and pride.  I am so proud of our country rising to meet this opportunity to "create a new day" in "the highest way" (to quote the Choose To Unite song).  I am proud that over 100 of our country's major newspapers wrote with wisdom about why they chose to endorse Obama.  I am proud of how people showed up to vote, determined that this time their voice would be heard, their vote counted.  I am proud of how vigilantly so many people worked behind the scenes for this outcome.  

How could phrases often repeated in church like "Thanks be to God," "The Lord is just and good" not run through one's head in a moment like this?  We are blessed.  May the Grace of God continue to be with us as we move forward with a grounded, caring visionary leader.  We are in this together, and together we will see this through.

"Hey, People of the USA!"  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  

Barack & Michelle Obama - Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

43,000 Views of Choose To Unite on YouTube.  Sharing a comment from Eric George, arranger and performer of the Choose To Unite song: "This is not just an election song.  If Barack wins, this song will be completely relevant throughout his time in office" (observed in June, 2008, as we were working on the song).  And another similar comment on our website:  "This is not just a campaign song, but one of universal support for the birth of our new world."

I felt this so clearly last night, looking at the crowds in Chicago.  It felt like looking at our video!  The song and video have "held the vision" through the election, and I know will continue to do so through Barack's Presidency.  We are "empowering a leader who represents our range" and we will continue to bring our strengths and voices forth.  "Diversity... Community... Unity... Love and Equality.  We are the Change."