Monday, October 27, 2008

October 27 - Letter Published in the New Mexican

I submitted the below 10/15 post to Santa Fe's New Mexican right before leaving on a trip, and on the road have learned it was published. It was unedited, except for the title; theirs is a great (more direct) one:

"Let's Get It Right - Vote for Obama"

I deeply appreciate this response posted at the New Mexican online, by artist Michael Allstead:
"Thank you Susan for saying what is truly in the hearts of a lot of us out here. I read your column in the New Mexican and was warmed by the positivity of hope for our country with the help of Barack.  We the people must pitch in to make things work as they should. A great leader will need the support and trust in him to change our direction to the world we all truly want to live in." 

Sharing YouTube comment on the Choose To Unite video (33,000 views to date): 

"What a wonderful piece.  What a great unifying video.  Let's go for it – Obama represents us all. Let's pray for God's protection, wisdom and love."